Lord of Tofu


Since 1995 we produce vegan food in Lörrach, a small town in the south of Germany, near Switzerland and France.

When we started to sell spreads of soy and tofu burger, the customers liked the flavour very much. Our new discovery made our business more successful: For making tofu we use the “magic mushroom” Kombucha, a fermented tea vinegar which coagulate the soy protein to tofu. This tofu is better digestible and better in taste.

Our target is to whet your’s appetite for tofu. Therefor we work with a lot of love and we use only the best raw materials:

  • Self-made Kombucha
  • Soybeans from Germany or neighbour countries certified by the strong rules Bioland
  • Very good water from the “Wiesental” the foothills of the German Black Forest
  • Really delicious Herbs and Spices from organic farming
  • Cold-pressed sunflower oil from the German oil mill Kappelbauer (Bioland)

We invite you to look at and taste the more than twenty tofu dishes we offer.

Dörte & Freddy Ulrich